Rasun, an American Reggae artist from the Bay Area, California and has been featured on over 35 singles, including “Program Director” by OAR, “Independence Day” by Fiji, “Hard to Walk Away,” for TJ Records. Growing up in a musical household there isn’t an exact date that the duo known as Rasun, a combination of the group’s namesake and his brother Don Juan Cartel, was born. Rasun was playing professional drums by the age of 14 and his brother was close behind starting his career as
a professional keyboardist at 15 years old for their father’s well-known group, Strictly Roots. 

In 2005 the brothers unleashed their first official full-length album onto the musical circuit with Rasun leading vocals and Don Juan Cartel overseeing the production. Shortly after Rasun’s first official album release, the group broke out with a particular stronghold in the Hawaiian Islands where they started playing major stadium shows and launched their worldwide touring career. Following the beginning of their career known as Rawsun, the group evolved into their current name, Rasun with their second major album release coming in 2010. Since that date, Rasun has worked with major influences across the music industry including names like Shock-G, O.A.R., Beenie Man, and more. With heavy influences from reggae, R&B, and hip hop, Rasun is one of the founding groups behind Tropical Pop music that has since dominated mainstream music
culture. The group’s most recent solo release, “I Need You Now” communicates this unique
musical melody of cross-genre influence. Currently, the group is popular throughout the globe with a particularly passionate fan base throughout Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe, where they shot their latest music video in Amsterdam.

Studio Albums

2012: 'Mixed Emotions' EP
2009: 'Along Again'
2005: 'Rated R'
1999: 'Generation' with Strictly Roots
1992: 'Last Daze' with Strictly Roots

Featured Singles

2014: “No Turning Back” (Rasun)

2013: “Through It All” (featuring. Aimee Silva) (Rasun)

2012: “Hard To Walk Away” Live In Love (Rasun)

2012: “Shes The One” (Rasun)

2012: “Some How” (Rasun)

2011: “Love You the Way I Do” (Rasun)

2011: “Girlfriend” (Rasun)

2011: “Do What Ya Want” (Lei featuring. (Rasun)

2011: “Say What You Like” (Crooked I featuring.(Rasun)

2010: “Cold World” (Glasses Malone featuring. (Rasun)

2010: “Can’t get you off my mind” (featuring. The Jacka)

2009: “Get It On” (featuring Beenie Man)

2005: “Life Ain’t Easy” (featuring Shock G)

2005: “Program Director” (O.A.R. featuring Rasun)

Newest Singles

2023: "Energy"

2019: "I Need You Now"